Tuesday, March 2, 2010

McDonnell Douglas MD-80

An American Airlines MD-80 landing at Dallas Ft Worth (DFW)

For an interesting read about life as an airline pilot, please aviate over to Views From The Left Seat.

It's my favorite site.


Scheets said...

Hey Captain,

Where have you been lately? I miss your posts!

In any case, I hope everything is going well for you at your airline. I do hope to hear some updates soon, though!

Barbara said...

Hi Len,

I first arrived via your "Left seat" log, which I have been really enjoying. And I'm happy to be catching your photo blog, too !

I'am a US expat living in France.
I love travel ( most expats do !),and phtography.
I do occasionally hop on a transatlantic run when I can ( last one-CDG-YUL).

I have a travel photo blog.
Come and fly on over :

Happy trails :)

The AirplaneNut said...